Barge Application Data Sheet

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Date Barge Required

Location Where Barge Required

Description of Work
DiggingDrillingPumpingTransportingHopperDivingWork Platform (people)
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Lauch Site Conditions

Is an Environmental Permit Required
Depth of Water at Site

Does the Barge Need:
to be backed/winched into the waterto be lowered in with a crane

Do you Require:

SpudsSpud WinchesAnchorsAnchor WinchesBoat for towing barge to work locationOutboard motor to move barge to work location

Specific Requirements:

Weight of Equipment to be Placed on Barge

Weight of Material to be Placed on Barge

Dimensions of Load



If the Barge Requires Mobile Heavy Equipment Please Indicate
Track Dimensions


Is a Ramp for Loading Unloading Required:

A copy of this form submission will also be emailed directly to the address you’ve provided for your records.