Canada Pump and Power owns and operates remote, manned, auger, and swing ladder dredges.  We rent and sell dredging equipment from LWT and Ellicott We operate, rent, and sell the Mighty Pump line of submersible agitator dredge pumps and Mighty Pump Booster Pumps. We have designed and manufactured 30hp to 225hp dredge heads for agitating and pumping different materials from our modular barge units and from shore based excavators.  Canada Pump and Power also owns and operates a skyline excavator that digs out the bottom of ponds up to 1,200 feet across.

If you have an upcoming project that will require dredging services please use our dredge services data sheet that will ask you for the relevant information we’ll need to provide you with our dredging services. Just click the big red button and fill out the data sheet.

Skyline Excavator

Weed Harvester

Remote Control Pit Hog

Dragline Dredge

Dredge Application Data Sheet