Pump Application Data Sheet

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Project Information

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Flow and Suction Conditions

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Minimum Pumping Rate (in GPM)

Maximum Pumping Rate (in GPM)

Elevation at Jobsite

Size of Intake Line

Flooded Suction

Suction Pressure

Pipe Size

Pipe Length

Fluid to be Pumped

Type of Liquid to be Pumped
1. clear water2. Sewage3. Sludge4. Oil5. Other
Specific Gravity of Liquid to be Pumped

Maximum Particle Size

Temperature of Liquid to be Pumped

Discharge Requirements

Final Discharge Pressure

Pumping into a Tank or Line?

SIze and Type of Discharge Line

Check if Required

1. Road Ramp2. Pipe Plug3. Filters4. Tank5. Flow Meter6. Air Vents7. Truck Loading Station

Check if Available

1. Diesel Fuel2. 575 Volt Power3. 460 Volt Power4. 220 Volt Power5. 110 Volt Power6. Service Water

Enter the values for A, B, C and D In the following diagram below

A: Vertical Delivery Height (feet)
B: Discharge Length (feet)
C: Suction Length (feet)
D: Suction Lift (feet)

A copy of this form submission will also be emailed directly to the address you’ve provided for your records.