No one wants a generic answer to a complicated problem.

Every job is unique and requires an industrial marine services solution that’s tailored to meet the needs of the industry it serves.

Canada Pump and Power is an industrial marine services company that takes the time to assess the situation and then create the right solution using the right equipment. With decades of experience providing diving, pump, barge, and dredge solutions to a wide array of industries, Canada Pump and Power knows that the right solution isn’t always the most obvious one.

After gathering precise information from customized application data sheets and site visits, their engineering team will then propose an industry-specific solution to your project.

The most cost effective, safest, and efficient solution every time.

Oil and Gas

It’s not uncommon for pumps in the oil and gas industry to operate under extreme conditions and in harsh environments. Pumps need to be robust and reliable.

When you need specialized equipment

When the Fort Hills plant opened up, they were making froth, a process in which water and fine solids are removed from the oil. When you’re pumping froth, air bubbles get compressed and this process requires specialized equipment. Canada Pump and Power designed and built half a dozen specialized pumps to remove the froth. They set up multiple pumping stations to unload tankers 24 hours a day for the better part of a year. Despite being carcinogenic and toxic, CPP managed the project safely and effectively. Their high horsepower pumping systems are able to move huge quantities of volatile and flammable hydrocarbons for long periods or they can supply rental equipment for large volumes and large pressures of oil and gas.


In the mining industry, health and safety is always a concern, as is minimizing the environmental footprint.

Canada Pump and Power can help by reducing the resources required to manage your tailings, slurries, and liquids on site with our autonomous pumps and dredges.

Our Autonomous Mighty Dredge already is working for some of the largest mines in Canada. We can dredge tailings and settling ponds with less people, less fuel, and less environmental impact. This also equates to less risk and less cost.


Engineering design can cover a wide range of projects, each with their own unique challenges.

Canada Pump and Power has the expertise to think creatively to solve problems.

One of our clients building a new plant and needed input on designing outlet screens on the bottom of a pond. Typically these screens were flat, which tend to clog. Canada Pump and Power designed the screens in a different shape so that even when the pond started to fill with debris, the outlet did not fail.

We have done design build projects utilizing autonomous pumps, winches, and dredges for long term installations at refineries and mines.


Canada Pump and Power has provided operations and sales to the Military, Fisheries and Oceans, Provincial Disaster Services, Alberta Transportation, and many Municipalities. The support of infrastructure can incorporate a wide range of problems that the government doesn’t initiate, have control over, or know how to fix when complications arise.

We have cleaned up toxic waste, emptied lakes, bypassed rivers, fixed leaking dams, inspected underwater structures, and rescued people, property, and pets.

Sand & Gravel

Aggregates are used everywhere to build and maintain our world.  Canada Pump and Power can use our autonomous dredges to streamline the recovery of material anywhere it is underwater.  The Autonomous Mighty Dredge can be set up with winches that are run by a computer. It moves around the bottom of the pond in a circular motion, picking up the sand, gravel and big rocks from the bottom so it can be pumped directly to the processing plant.