World-class Innovation for all Types of Pump, Barge and Dredge Projects

Canada Pump and Power is committed to innovation, research and development of pumping and dredging systems and barge units. We offer a variety of industrial marine services which are supported by products we have developed over time to improve how pumping, dredging and barging are executed on project sites. Our Mighty Pumps and Mighty Dredge products are an example of autonomous pumping and dredging that do not require human intervention. They can be managed and monitored off-site to save you time and money, as well as improve accuracy. Innovations we have developed in modular barging means they can be built in any size or shape to suit the job at hand. Our Modular barge platforms are light to transport, easy to set up, and can support heavy loads.

Our products can be rented or purchased and they are customized to the job. By filling out a Data Application Sheet (for pump, barge, or dredge work) and providing us with the specific details of your project, we will be able to select the right products for your job and consult on the best options to buy or rent.