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Health & Safety Policy

The personal health, safety, security and environment of each employee of Canada Pump and Power is of primary importance. The prevention of work-related injuries and illnesses is of such consequence that it will be given priority over operating productivity. To the greatest degree possible, management will provide all mechanical and physical facilities required to ensure the personal health, safety, security and environment is kept to our standards.

We will maintain a health, safety, security and environment program conforming to the best practices of organizations similar to ours. To be successful, such a program must start with proper attitudes toward injury and illness prevention on the part of both supervisors and employees. It also requires cooperation in all health, safety, security and environment matters, not only between supervisors and employees, but also between each employee and his or her co-workers. Only through such a co-operative effort can a safety program be established, effective and preserved.

The Management of Canada Pump and Power is committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries. Canada Pump and Power shall maintain a safe, healthy and secure work environment.

Canada Pump and Power and its employees shall adhere to all current legislation, regulations, and rules of thejurisdiction which they are based.Our health, safety, security and environment program will involve:

  • Providing mechanical and physical safeguards that meet our standards;
  • Conducting a program of safety and health inspections (formal and informal) to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and practices, control health hazards, and comply fully with the safety and health standards for every job;
  • Training all employees in good safety and health practices and procedures;
  • Providing necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and instruction for its use and care;
  • Developing and enforcing safety and health rules and requiring that employees cooperate with these rulesas a condition of employment;
  • Investigating every incident promptly and thoroughly to discover the root cause and to amend the quality program in an effort to prevent a recurrence of the incident.

The Chief Executive Officer is committed to complying with all pertinent legislation including the Occupational Healthand Safety legislation, regulations and codes. The safety information in this policy does not take precedence overapplicable government regulations, with which all employees should be familiar.

Environmental Policy

Canada Pump and Power recognizes that environmental concerns are of critical importance, and encourages its
employees to join in full acceptance of and compliance with this policy. We will create procedures that fully comply
with federal, provincial and local regulations. We will provide training to our employees to ensure our workers are
aware of these procedures and are capable of following them.

Protection of the Environment
We will employ practical measures to protect the environment. We will conserve and protect the water, air, and
land resources we use. We will strive to eliminate any releases to land, air, or water that may harm human health
or the environment. Continuous improvement in our environmental performance will be a principal objective.

Recycling and Disposal
We will support recycling programs where practical and will use environmentally safe treatment and disposal
practices for waste that is not eliminated at the source or recycled.

We will manage existing facilities so that we meet or exceed legal requirements. We will implement programs and
procedures to satisfy compliance. We will conduct compliance audits and monitor procedures and practices to
evaluate our performance.

We will inform our employees of our progress in environmental issues. We will cooperate with the authorities and
regulatory agencies in responding to inquiries. We will encourage our employees to report to their supervisor any
conditions that they reasonably believe could be harmful to the environment or pose health or safety hazards so we
can initiate prompt corrective actions.

Management will consider environmental and cultural implications of their decisions.

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