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Many dredging jobs are a maintenance situation where your pond or sewage lagoon is full and you need to clean it or you’ll run out of space.

Introducing Autonomous Dredging

Canada Pump and Power provides innovative dredge technology to improve operator safety, be more efficient and reduce your project costs.

Our autonomous dredge robot does the work and can be monitored and controlled remotely. Removing operators from dredge operations is not only a safer way to dredge, but also a more efficient and cost effective process.

At Canada Pump and Power we provide a dredging solution without all the guesswork. The Mighty Dredge is capable of measuring, monitoring and autonomously improving its production while simultaneously reporting the information back to you.  If the dredge stops working, it reports that also.

The Mighty Dredge maps its progress in real time (based on the three dimensional position of the dredge head) so you can see online what is getting accomplished.  Canada Pump and Power uses nuclear density meters and ultrasonic flow meters to independently audit the dredge production rate when confirmation is required.

At Canada Pump & Power we provide a dredging solution that comes with proof. Our newly patented Automatic Mighty Dredge  takes the guesswork out of dredging.

Autonomous dredging is not all we do

We also offer traditional dredges for sale or rent including cutter suction, auger suction, jet suction, and mechanical dredges.

Our dredge experts with decades of experience will look at your dredge application and recommend the best and easiest solution for your work.

Let our experts help you figure it out.

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A picture depicting dredging services
A picture describing dredging services