Modular Barge Units Can be Built to any Size or Shape

Canada Pump & Power has a fleet of modular barges that lock together to make stable work platforms of different shapes and sizes.   Whether you need a ferry barge to transport equipment or a platform for digging, dredging, craning, or drilling, CPP can accommodate your needs.  

We have floating walkways that link together and smaller barge platforms to support work on or under the water. 

Canada Pump and Power also designs and builds custom barges, weirs, intakes, and outfalls.  Our engineering team works within our ISO Certified Quality Assurance Program to provide job specific solutions.

Versatile and sturdy barge platforms that support heavy work

Our modular barges are used to support pumping systems, dredging, construction from the water, diving projects, bridge installation, intake installation, and ferrying.  We have used our Modular barges to transport loads of up to six hundred thousand pounds. 

Lightweight and transportable

The modular barge unit stack on top of one another. This allows multiple barges to be shipped on one truckload.  Each barge has a single lift point at its center for easy loading and offloading.  Once in the water, the barges are simple to link together to make one giant platform.

The right equipment, the right solution, the right budget

If you’re an engineering contractor, there are important factors to consider when planning your next barge project. Our experts can help you get it right based on our knowledge, experience, and of proven success.

We can provide a Marine Engineer’s recommendation, and then follow up if you want to deliver and assemble the barges on your site.




Got a project or need help selecting the best solution?

Talk to us and we will help you decide what your barging solution should look like.

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