From breaking ice to rescuing flood victims, our fleet of boats are here to help.

Our Captains

Canada Pump and Power can provide you Boat Captains and Crew with Transport Canada Approved Training who also understand rigging, pumping, dredging, and heavy equipment operation.  Our teams are experienced at working on plant sites in an industrial environment.

Ice Breakers

If you want to work on the water year-round in Northern Canada, you need to be able to work on top of the ice or keep the water open.  We have Ice Breakers that can keep channels open all winter and Crew Boats that can transport personnel safely and comfortably in freezing conditions.

Push boats and Tugboats

These boats are road transportable units up to 500 horsepower.  Perfect for positioning pumphouses, moving floating work platforms, and setting up dredges.

Landing Craft

Ideal for transportation of equipment by driving on and off from shore, surveying, moving personnel, or working on and under the water.


Our inboard and outboard jetboats are suitable where sandbars and shallow water are anticipated.

Inflatable and Semi-Rigid Boats

We use our Inflatables to support survey operations, commercial diving projects, and to act as safety boats and recovery boats for on water operations.

A picture depicting winter boating services
A picture depicting boating services