All of the underwater services you can fathom

Canada Pump and Power employs qualified commercial divers who are equipped with the latest underwater tools.  Our Divers have trades, and experience completing tasks underwater once they get to the job site.

We are experts at safely working in contaminants and in confined spaces.  We know underwater construction, welding, cutting, dredging, searching, and inspection.  We utilize remote vehicles where possible to minimize the number of personnel on site and underwater.

Knowledge is what makes us strong

Canada Pump and Power has the specialized technical expertise and audited processes required to operate safely and efficiently in potentially hazardous environments

We write job specific work execution plans, detailed work plans, and job hazard analysis based on our vast library of existing safe work procedures and safe work practices.

Resources are what makes us effective

Going into confined spaces and contaminated toxic waste while dealing with the challenges of being underwater to accomplish a specific goal requires specialized equipment.

We have the latest underwater personal protective equipment to enter and work safely with our hydraulic, air operated, and electric underwater tools while providing a record of our activities with Cameras, Sonar, and Non-Destructive Testing Equipment.

Our track record is evidence

We provide each client a detailed report after completing their project, so we have a large collection of examples of work we have performed safely and effectively.  Be it working at a high altitude hydro-electric dam site with remote vehicles, cleaning outfalls and intakes, removing clogged lines inside a plant, or cleaning our environment of abandoned toxic waste, our expert commercial diving team is likely to have done something similar in the past.

With our Client’s permission, we will share information from past projects so you can know in advance you have the right team onboard.

We are audited, certified, qualified, approved, and recognized for your peace of mind

  • ISO 9001:2015 – Audited and Certified
  • ADCI (Association of Diving Contractors International) – Audited and Certified
  • DCBC (Divers Certification Board of Canada) – Qualified
  • ISNetWorld – Approved
  • Avetta – Approved
  • Complyworks – Approved
  • COR (Certificate of Recognition) Certified
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association) – Approved processes and equipment
  • CADC (Canadian Association of Diving Contractors) – Self-Audited Member in good standing
  • APEGA (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta) – Licensed to practice engineering

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