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Canada Pump and Power’s Mighty Dredge is part of the Build in Canada Innovation Program — where Canadian technology is purchased and used by the federal government. Officials with Canada Pump and Power have been working to familiarize locals on how the technology works as part of the two-week pilot project on Prince Edward Island.

Canada Pump and Power was one of the trusted groups that assisted with the Wildfires in May of 2016 and the floods in April 2020. During the Wildfires, we provided Fort McMurray’s firefighters with over three hundred million liters of water. We also provided temporary pumps for our oil sands Clients – filled water trucks, and maintained critical pond levels during a site evacuation. During the 2020 flood, we provide rescue boats and marine support for local fire rescue crews to protect people and local RCMP to protect property.

Since our inception, we have logged over 1.2 million continuous person/hours without a time-loss injury.  CPP has led the Workers Compensation Board and held the coveted position on number one in the large industry group for over three years continuously.   We are proud of the Safe Work Ethic we have as a company and want to continuously improve our processes.

According to the US Energy Information Administration, (EIA), burning a gallon of Diesel Fuel produces 22.38 pounds of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). A gallon of gasoline produces 19.64 pounds of CO2. Our Mighty Diesel Pumps to burn 20% less fuel per cubic meter of fluid pumped than many competitor pumps.  Our Autonomous Electric Submersible Pumps can be run off the grid of power on many sites and have an even smaller carbon footprint.

CPP has worked closely with the Government of Alberta in a variety of capacities including:

  • Training workers on our strict health and safety processes
  • Promoting small business expansion
  • Expanding and diversifying the economy by fostering and building on R&D projects

If you are looking for municipal construction solutions, construction contractors, or engineering services, we would be happy to assist you.