Tailings services for the mining industry

Canada Pump and Power has decades of experience managing, dredging and hauling tailings. CPP currently owns a fleet of excavators, dozers, and rock trucks that manage tailings.

We have managed and maintained extraction dump ponds for several clients. CPP owns, operates and rents long reach excavators that can safely and efficiently dredge out dump ponds.

Our recent project experience includes a remote pumping project for one of our clients in the Northwest Territories. This project required the design, build, supply, and operation of three 525 horse power submersible pumping systems which operated during winter, under a 5-foot layer of ice. Our Mighty Intake Systems proved to be a significant overall cost savings to the client.

In 2018, we utilized our Autonomous Mighty Dredge at various plant sites to improve operational safety, increase efficiency, and reduce project costs. We have been building more autonomous dredges machines to keep up with the demand within Western Canada. We offer Our Mighty Dredges for sale or rent.

Our work includes pumping, dredging, barging, diving, ice breakers, work boats, digging, hauling, weed harvesting, oil skimming, hydrographic surveys, HDPE fusion, training, engineering and equipment repair and service. CPP supports our equipment and work through our Maintenance and Repair Facility in Redwater, Fort Saskatchewan, and Fort McMurray, Alberta. We have a distributor network with equipment and personnel in Winnipeg Manitoba, Calgary Alberta, Red Deer Alberta, and Vancouver British Columbia.

CPP provides a fleet of pumps, barges, dredges, workboats and other marine equipment built to withstand the harsh environments of the mining sector.

If you would like to work with us, or if you have any questions, please reach out through our contact us page.