In our commitment to maintaining the functionality and efficiency of our Client’s wet wells, Canada Pump & Power (CPP) employs a range of innovative techniques and equipment. Sediment build-up can not only hinder performance but also lead to significant downstream problems, making regular cleaning crucial.

Efficient Pumping with a Purpose

Most wet wells can be effectively cleaned using a hydraulic submersible pump with a wastegate. This gate allows us to agitate and “Stir Up” the wet well, ensuring that the sediment is properly suspended. Afterward, we close the gate, and the pump efficiently discharges the material to the surface for further processing.

Specialized High-Pressure Water Jetting

If the standard pumping solution isn’t sufficient, we have a high-pressure Gamajet designed specifically to mix up the wet well contents and clean the sides of the tank. This tool, which spins like a sprinkler, complements our pumping operations and ensures thorough cleaning.

Experienced Diving Team for Complex Cases

In situations where large or compacted solids make stirring and pumping difficult, or when access from the surface is challenging, our experienced commercial diving team steps in. They are experts in confined spaces and handling contaminated liquids, providing a cost-effective solution to the most challenging scenarios.

Advanced Sonar Inspection

To maintain a proactive approach, we utilize side-scan and bottom-profiling sonar for inspection purposes. This technology allows us to provide our Clients with a clear picture of the current state of their wet wells. If cleaning is necessary, we execute it promptly. Otherwise, we schedule follow-up inspections, typically on a yearly basis, to ensure ongoing system health. By addressing sediment build-up comprehensively and proactively, CPP ensures that our Clients’ wet wells remain efficient and free from wear and clogging issues.

Let Us Help!

Our commitment to utilizing the right equipment, preparation, and industry expertise sets us apart, redefining industry standards and delivering exceptional results for our Clients. If you’re ready to optimize your operations, contact us today for the best and easiest solution! Let CPP improve your approach to sediment removal and system maintenance.