The Next Generation of Telematics

September 19, 2023

At Canada Pump & Power (CPP), we pride ourselves on understanding the unique challenges faced by our clients in their DIVE, PUMP, BARGE and DREDGE operations. We continue to deliver innovative solutions that empower our clients to deliver safe, high-quality, …

Fat Truck: Versatility that Knows No Bounds

August 15, 2023


In the world of specialized equipment, there’s a revolutionary vehicle that’s transforming operations and pushing boundaries like never before. Meet Canada Pump & Power’s Fat Trucks – the industrial amphibious vehicles taking the industry by storm. As the Fat …

Considerations and Repercussions

May 5, 2020

An oil and gas pipeline going through the mountains.

Pipeline Technologies are Ripe for Innovation

They say, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door,” but if you’re a start-up trying to get funding for something as complicated and controversial as innovative …

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