Are you ready for this years Freshet?

April 14, 2023

What is Freshet?

Freshet also known as spring runoff is an annual high-water event that is the result of snow and ice melting. This increase of water flow makes it’s way downstream, resulting in higher water levels in our rivers, …

Simplified Troubleshooting

March 1, 2023

Should a Mighty Pump fail to prime, several simple checks can be made to isolate the problem.

Most common problems:

  1. Priming system valve is closed. A closed priming system valve will prevent air from being evacuated from the suction line.

Announcing the Next Generation of Mighty Pumps

January 16, 2023

After extensive research, testing, design, and client feedback, we are excited to announce Canada Pump & Power’s new generation of Mighty Pumps. These new units are designed to work in the most challenging working environments, such as those found …

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